Moving……A long wait, or a pain in the neck

 Since moving from down south, to the north-east, I am still awaiting an appointment to see a consultant neurologist as regarding my Cervical Dystonia, having been referred from my G.P., first of all I don’t  know which Hospital I am meant to be going to, when that will be, and how I can deal with the pain.

One way I have been trying to cope, is by transforming the rear yard, with the help of my wife, into a peaceful small garden, to sit and have a cuppa, and smelling the flowers, and enjoying the fruit and veg that we have planted.

Have you ever experienced problems when moving house, or to Uni, with changing Hospitals? How do you cope with the pain? Do you feel that you are being forgotten?

Also I am awaiting another blood test, to see if I have developed antibodies in my system. If I have, then I think some of the options open to me become a lot more limited. I may also have to try starting Botox A again, it’s all ifs, buts, and maybe.

The thing is, until I see a consultant, I just don’t know.

Such a long wait – 4 months now…….. or is it just a pain in the neck?????


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Judgement Day~The Verdict.

Yesterday, I went to the appeal and it was very intimidating, unnerving, scary. As you had to sit before a real judge, a doctor, and a lay person.

As in all stressful situations I can’t help but tremor, and my head went back involuntarily, and my mouth went like a camels’ flip flop, as dry as a bone . So I tried to have a plastic cup of water, but with my shaky hands, the jug shook from side to side, and my wife had to pour it. I tried to lift it for a drink, and I lost control, she had to hold it for me. Anyway, afterwards, they deliberated, and we were called back in. The decision was put on a piece of paper, and the judge read it out.

I had been awarded 36 points, over 0 points in the first assessment, go figure!!

But most of all, I’d like to thank all those who have been praying for me, who have wished me well, but most of all i’d just have to thank my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for being there for me, hearing, and answering our prayers for His goodness, greatness, and according to His will. Thank you Lord God.

So I hope to keep gardening, and fighting this thing called Dystonia. Read more about Cervical Dystonia via

Keep going, and stay Green fingered!!

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Judgement Day!

Tomorrow I head to what could be a defining point in my life. I go to an appeal, to see whether, or not I am judge to be fit for work.

At a time when I have been taken off all my medication, due to bad side effects, and my Botox-A strain stopped working, and the Botox-B strain ain’t much good either, the powers that be have decided, after my Work Capability Assessment, that I ( in their opinion ), am able to go to work.

Well, I can’t, and that’s that. My condition prevents me from doing anything for a sustained period of time, as my muscles are relaxing and contracting in my neck and arms, that all my body wants to do is rest and sleep. Because they can’t see my condition, according to them, I don’t have anything wrong!!

All will be revealed shortly after 3p.m. GMT, when my appeal is heard, and I will let you all know how it goes.

To be continued …………………………………………….

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Hi all you Dystonians.

To all my fellow Dystonians, a big shout out, and keep strong.

It has been a dark few weeks felt really down, as quite a lot, if not all have been through. My wife Helen, has not been very well with a rare form of pneumonia, C.O.P. So I have been really worried, that’s why I have been. Not been able to bring her a cup of tea, or a hot meal, due to my Dystonia, and hand tremor.

My car had to be scrapped due to it not passing it’s yearly inspection, M.O.T. Just as well we both have free disabled bus passes, so we can still have days out, and the like. 

I have to remind myself daily that Jesus went through so much more than I ever will when took all our sins on board and nailed them to a cross of wood, and died so we can have eternal life with Him.

God bless, and keep you fingers green!!!!!Image

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A Prickly situation!

A Prickly situation!Hello fellow Dystonians! 

It’s like walking through cacti sometimes, isn’t it? Especially in these cold times of the year. Even though I am in that state at the moment, I have learnt to wade through the thorns and obstacles by the help of God, my wife Helen, and all of the helpful friends on the internet. Now is the time for buying your seed potatoes, young bedding plants, and planting out pot grown spring bulbs. I’m not a man of fancy words,  just ones that hopefully describe my condition, state of mind, and any tips that I can give.

I have obtained a mountain bike from a great friend at church, hopefully soon I can get out and about the highways and byways of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. I am so grateful that my condition isn’t as bad as others, so i’ll be adding to my blog my gardening exploits, and my cycling adventures, and how i’m coping with my Dystonia. If you have anything that you want me to explore, or comment on in my next blog then please leave a comment.

Keep smiling, and most of all get your fingers green!!

The green fingered Dystonian.

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Getting to know me.

Hi there, this is me, Robert Chapplow, and in future blogs i’ll be coming into your world and allowing you into mine. I’m a Dystonia sufferer, who likes gardening, airfix modelling, and all things in between. Here we go to the wonderful world of the Green Fingered Dystonian.


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